Prescribed medicine

Prescribed medicine is medicine that you generally do not have to take for a long time and the condition you are taking it for clears up.

In this section you can read more about the prescribed medicines the Scheme covers in 2024. It also explains the difference between generic and non-generic medicines as we pay these differently.

Prescribed medicine is paid from the day-to-day benefits

The Scheme pays for prescribed medicines from your day-to-day benefits. This is your Medical Savings Account.

We pay medicines up to the Scheme Rate.

We classify medicines into categories

The medicine categories are:

  • generic medicines
  • non-generic medicines
  • over-the-counter and lifestyle enhancing medicines
  • excluded items, like contact lens solutions.

Paying for prescribed medicine (schedule 3 and above)

Anglovaal Group Medical Scheme pays for prescribed generic and non-generic medicine up to 100% of the Scheme Rate from your Medical Savings Account.

Paying for over-the-counter medicine

We pay for schedule 0, 1 and 2 (over-the-counter) medicines from your Medical Savings Account.

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