Pre-authorising your hospital admission

How to authorise your hospital admission

To authorise your hospital admission, please phone us on 0860 100 693, from 7:00 to 17:00 during weekdays.

You need to give us these details:

  • Your scheme membership number
  • When you will be admitted in hospital and how long you will stay
  • Your treating doctor's name and practice number
  • Your diagnosis (ask your doctor for the ICD-10 diagnosis code)
  • The procedure name and code, if available (ask your doctor for the RPL procedure codes)
  • The name and practice number of the hospital or day clinic
  • The date of the procedure.

If one of your dependants is being treated, give us all of his or her details.

You must pre-authorise for full hospital cover

If the event is authorized after the admission date, the account will be cut by 30% and the balance of the account will be paid as per the Scheme Rules.

See your doctor before pre-authorising your admission

Before you pre-authorise your hospital admission (unless it's an emergency or for a birth), you need to visit your doctor for an examination.

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