Hospitalisation in an emergency

We cover you in hospital for emergency and planned hospital admissions. In an emergency, go straight to hospital but call us or get someone to call us within 12 hours. For planned hospital admissions, please call us 48 hours before you go to hospital to confirm your admission.

What to do before you go to hospital

Before you go to hospital for any planned procedure, you must:

  • See your doctor
  • Call us on 0860 100 693 to confirm your hospital admission at least 48 hours before you go in.

If you do not confirm your admission, we will only pay 70% of the costs that we would normally cover.

Cover is subject to our rules

We pay medically appropriate claims. Your cover is subject to our Scheme rules, funding guidelines and clinical rules. There are some expenses you may incur while you are in hospital that your benefit does not cover, for example private ward costs. Certain procedures, medicines or new technologies need separate confirmation while you are in hospital.