You have cover for treating cancer through our Oncology Programme

Our case managers will coordinate your cancer benefits with your treating doctor. We’ll approve your treatment as long as it’s in line with our clinical guidelines and up to the annual limit, which we’ll send to you when you register on the Oncology Programme.

We also have dedicated experienced consultants to help you with many aspects of your cancer treatment. They offer support services and access to reliable information on cancer and what steps you can take to fight and manage the disease.

All Anglovaal members who have been diagnosed with cancer can register on the Oncology Programme. We’ve designed this comprehensive programme to ensure our members receive high-quality benefits coupled with personalised service.
The programme includes:

  • Approval for cancer treatment
  • Prioritised payment of related claims
  • Hospital authorisation for cancer-related admissions
  • Counselling.

For more information please click here or to enrol on the programme, please call 0860 100 693.