Other Scans


A mammogram is an x-ray examination of the female breast. It uses low-energy x-rays to visualise fine details of breast tissue, particularly the presence of calcification or soft tissue masses. This enables the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Mammograms done out-of-hospital

We will pay for one mammogram annually from your Screening and Prevention Benefit.

Pregnancy scans

Ultrasound imaging allows imaging of the interior of the human body. The advantages of ultrasounds versus x-rays, are that the patient is not submitted to potentially harmful radiation. Images that can't be seen by x-rays are visible through ultrasound imaging.

A maximum of two 2D scans are covered during the pregnancy. Should you require more scans you need to send us a motivation from your doctor. If you have a 3D it will only be paid up to the cost of a 2D scan.

We will pay these claims from your Medical Savings Account (MSA), as long as you have money available.